27.2.2010 Kunst:stoff Breakz @ Chemiefabrik

15 02 2010

27.2.2010 Chemiefabrik Dresden

Live JEREMY ELLIS (Detroit)

Kunst:StoffBreakz DJ TEAM

Jeremy Ellis:


The man, himself, operates as an electro-machine. Composing singles at the request of labels worldwide while shocking audiences with his maddening skills, Jeremy Ellis surprisingly raises the bar with every gig. Musicians and producers stand with awe-dropped jaws while witnessing the joyful fury that is Jeremy Ellis‘ performance style. Ellis‘ fans often resemble that of student as his wildly intelligent, yet imposingly danceable tracks perplex the most eager and adept melodic minds. Combining a lifetime of classical training with a meticulous obsession with sound, Ellis demonstrates himself as one of the forerunners of a new era in electronic music pushing the industry’s new toys beyond their creators‘ intentions.
As Detroit’s most percussive keyboard player and sickeningly fluid, on-the-spot composer, Ellis commands the respect of naïve listeners and industry gear-smiths alike. Truly, no one has spoken through music alone so eloquently since Mozart or Miles Davis. Alone, this is an amazing talent, but combine that detail with the reality that Ellis spontaneously produces new tracks while stupefied club-goers gaze on. Identifying primarily as a keyboard player, Ellis assumed the identity of Ayro to demonstrate his storytelling and vocal confidence with the release of his solo LP and esteemed songbook, ElectronicLoveFunk, he quickly became the voice of Detroit’s new sound. With poetic lyrical flow in his in words and melody, Ellis combined the vintage sounds of instruments like the Rhodes piano with raw sounds of the street through the earthly growl of the 808. Today, his use of the MPC continues to develop beyond our imagination into a uniquely futuristic and fondly nostalgiac style.
From the live show aspect, Ellis intrinsic use of the MPC has grown into a wild toad’s ride that hasn’t been seen since Hendrix non-chalant shredding of guitar licks with his teeth. Ellis proved his producing abilities on his eloquently composed Ubiquity release, The Lotus Blooms. Now, exceeding the expectations of his peers, Jeremy Ellis‘ now marks himself not only as a leader in composition, a wonder on the stage, and an inspiring player, but he develops himself as a mad scientist of sounds or another, better word – would like to say Willy Wonka of sounds. With the use of the Akai MPC and a sponsorship in Propellerhead’s Reason, Ellis furthers his profound phonic wisdom through his astute skill in sampling, tweeking, and artistically sculpting sound.






One response

5 03 2010

wird es die videoaufnahmen, die auf der bühne gemacht wurden, auch irgendwo zu sehen geben?

…war ein echt geiler abend! 🙂

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